**SPECIAL** LP Project featuring SATSOP Nuclear Silo and Magnuson Park Aircraft Hanger performances.


Upcoming Performance

Listening to Open Space
The Seattle Phonographers Union has been awarded a grant to participate in the City of Seattle's "Put the Arts in Parks" program for 2016.

Members of the Seattle Phonographers Union will perform three free concerts in three different parks, using only sounds previously collected in Seattle City parks. In conjunction with these live concerts, group members will engage with local communities by offering a series of free guided Silent Soundwalk workshops before each concert.

The performances are as follows:
Saturday, Aug. 27 Salmon Bay Park
5:00 PM - Sound Walk
6:00 PM - Performance

Sunday, Aug. 28 Pritchard Island Beach
11:00 PM - Sound Walk
12:00 PM - Performance

Sunday, Aug. 28 Duwamish Waterway Park
6:00 PM - Sound Walk
7:00 PM - Performance


SPU Proudly Announces New LP Release

On this LP, the SPU improvises inside Building 27 and WNP-5; these two remarkable acoustic environments not only transformed our field recordings, but guided these live, unedited improvisations. A decommissioned aircraft hangar at the former Sand Point Naval Air Station, Building 27 melds our sounds with audience footsteps and murmuring, along with, in quieter moments, birds, and nearby water. The unusual skittering slapback echo heard in WNP-5, part of an unfinished nuclear power station, results from gradually narrowing walls and tile-like surfaces inside the cooling tower; sound spirals upwards to the sky.

The album was released by Prefecture Records.

July 26th: SPU performs at Couth Buzzard Books in Greenwood

Join us for coffee and peruse the stacks at Greenwood's Couth Buzzard Books on July 26th for an intimate set. Avail yourselves of the fine munchies (and even grab a beer if you like!!) and immerse yourself in one of our abstract narratives. Donations to the hat are accepted but completely voluntary.

June 10th: SPU on KUOW's Weekday with Marcie Sillman

The Seattle Phonographers Union visted with Marcie Sillman on KUOW on Monday, June 10th to discuss what attracts us to the sounds that we use and how we can better appreciate the symphony of our everyday sonic landscape.

Listen to the show here: SPU ON KUOW

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